Excel VBA application development

Substantial time and money savings can be achieved in many sectors and across a variety of disciplines:
external data processing (data from Exact, SAP, Baan or AS400, for example);

  • quotation, ordering and invoicing software;
  • complex calculations;
  • efficient summaries and lists;
  • management reports;
  • price calculations;
  • planning;
  • user-friendly and secure user interfaces;
  • conversions from other spreadsheet programs (e.g. Lotus or Quattro Pro);
  • Excel euro conversion.

Our in-depth experience and expertise in Excel application development enable us to develop professional applications in a very short timeframe.
These applications stand out because of their simplicity, ease of use and maintainability.
Are you under the impression that your company only uses part of Excel’s potential?
Are you wasting precious time retyping data, or investigating obscure accounts or mistakes in Excel spreadsheets?

Then feel free to contact us for an appointment so that we can assess your current Excel models free of charge and without any obligations. We will then provide a quotation for their professional adaptation.